Stephen J. Downes

Master Fitness Clinician, Owner

About Stephen

A certified Master Fitness Clinician with the International Association of Resistance Trainers (IART) and current president of the Academy of Registered Fitness Clinicians (ARFC), Stephen has dedicated his life’s work to improving the health, fitness and overall wellbeing of as many people as possible.

With a career stretching back 15 years, and with more than 60,000 one-on-one supervised training sessions under his belt, Stephen has developed incredibly effective and efficient fitness programs to help his clients achieve maximum results in a short time frame. He believes in an individualist approach, taking each person’s specific needs, goals and challenges into account before devising the perfect program to meet those objectives.

Stephen has co-produced and authored the exercise and nutrition science manuals for the ARFC and has developed the training programs, policies and procedures, as well as the guiding values for PEC. He has diligently built a team of dedicated, well-trained, experienced fitness clinicians, creating an unrivalled, inspiring and supportive environment for anyone who is looking to transform their body and transform their life.

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Stephen Downes

Stephen Downes

Master Fitness Clinician, Owner

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